As with any collection, we often find that a collector "comes-of-age" when the focus of the collection shifts from quantity to quality.

Now, in the case of teddy bears especially, quality does not really translate to highly priced collectibles alone. It means owning bears that have a special quality in your eyes. It means selecting bears because they are just ones you cannot live without. It also means choosing bears not just because they are ones you can afford or are the ones that others seem to appreciate.

A true quality teddy bear collection has only those bears which bring joy to the collector. Each bear would be special in the eyes of the collector.

Unlike several other hobbies, a teddy bear collection is one that should be purely accumulated for the joy of it. Investment shouldn't really be a concern. Although, if the bears that bring you joy are top-notch collectible ones, go ahead by all means! But remember that the true quality of a bear is in how much you enjoy him/her.

And, if at some point you feel like you should pass on a bear in a collection to someone who would enjoy it more than you would, don't feel guilty about it! After all, every bear deserves to be loved, and it is only fair that they should end up with people who truly love them.


The bear of the month of August 2009 is Talia, from Charlies Bears' Isabelle Collection. She is designed by the award winning artist Isabelle Lee. She is made from the finest German Schulte Mohair, with glass eyes and a fully jointed body. She is a limited edition bear and comes with her own certificate of authenticity and presentation box. Not a bear to be missed!

The bear of the month of July 2009 is Laura Bearybloom, from Boyds. She is the July bear month, and represents Larkspur, the flower of July. She is a limited edition bear, only 2200 bears made! She has hand crafted embellishments and custom-blended fur. She is adorned in an elegant blend of co-ordinating satins, tulle and custom fabrics. She has a bear of the month foot sash, hand numbered foot patch and customized bear of the month hang tag. Don't miss her!