The Bear for the month of September 2010 is "Birthday Cheeky" from Merrythought, available in a Limited Edition of 80. This little 6" fully jointed mohair Cheeky has been made especially for Merrythought's 80th birthday celebrations. 1930 to 2010 is embroidered on his footpad.

As no teddy bear collection can be complete without the classic Cheeky bear, I chose this bear to be our September bear.

The bear of the month of August, 2010 is "Willow" by Deans.

An extra soft panda made from a longish brown and peach mohair combination. He has suedette pads and paws. He is a 15" jointed bear from the Deans 2010 Collection. This bear is a limited edition of 30.

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July 24th is Margarete Steiff's birthday. She was born in 1847 in Germany and founded Steiff. So this month's bear, is of course, a Steiff bear.

The bear of the month of July 2010 is STEIFF COSY YEAR BEAR 2010 - 40cm - a superb present to commemorate a special event in 2010 (3 years and upwards) bear.
(Steiff teddy code : 663413, overall size ~ 40cm, £39.95 [ postage is still free !! ])

Here we have the long awaited Steiff 2010 Cosy Year Bear. He is made from knitted brown plush and is machine washable and has the year 2010 embroidered on one of his paws. The Cosy Year Bear embraces all the traditional ingredients we love about Steiff but he is also so very soft and has a huge hug. Whether you are buying him as a gift or are a collector of our year bears we are sure you will be thrilled with this years design. So whether he is your companion or a gift for someone special he is sure to bring great happiness. Yellow label with famous Steiff button in the ear.

Remember you receive a free exclusive Bel Air Collectors bag and free delivery within the UK.
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