The bear of the month of August, 2010 is "Willow" by Deans.

An extra soft panda made from a longish brown and peach mohair combination. He has suedette pads and paws. He is a 15" jointed bear from the Deans 2010 Collection. This bear is a limited edition of 30.

Image and info courtesy, and purchasable from:


Linis said...

Oh I love your teddybear! I have just got a new Barbara Bukowski teddy, with my name embroidered on her right ear! She is pretty!

Melissa Thomas said...

Teddy Bears are among the favorite of kids and adult alike. Parents buy Teddy Bears for their little ones for them to hold on and hug as they go to sleep. Kids make this Teddy Bear as their security blanket. And even teens are fond of them too and like it to be with them in bed.
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Ramesh chauhan said...
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Gayathri said...

That is wonderful! I am sure the new bear has settled in well in your home. :)

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