After my recent visit to Disneyland and purchase of three Duffy bears of various themes, it wasn't difficult for me to decide on the bear of this month - Duffy Bear from Disney! The details of this immensely huggable bear are available in Disney Store and I will share the brief details from that website, along with a picture courtesy the Disney store link above. 

Here's a bear--y special friend of Mickey's! Duffy the Disney Bear was made by Minnie to keep Mickey company on a long voyage, and now you can have your very own Duffy to keep you company and dress him in special outfits.

Product Details

Created especially for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort

Please Note: Purchase of this item is limited to 5 per Guest.

Now, after traveling around the globe, Duffy the Disney Bear has found his way to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts! As every child's favorite teddy bear comes to life, Duffy affectionately greets Guests at Epcot's World Showcase and Disney California Adventure's Paradise Pier. 

Now available online, Duffy is so excited to join you and share all of your wonderful adventures! So, where will you take Duffy?

  • Soft, fuzzy and huggable
  • Duffy's left backside and both bottom paws feature Mickey Mouse head icons
  • Outfits are available for 17'' Duffy the Disney Bear, sold separately
  • Part of the Duffy the Disney Bear Collection
  • 17'' H
  • Imported

  • The Bear, or rather Bears, of the month March 2014 is the 2 x 7" Collectors Edition Me to You Bear Gift Set. The latest addition to my bear hug is a Tatty Bear, which led me to explore this brand in greater detail. I fell in love with the brand, and decided to feature it in my blog. 

    Perfect for any Me to You Fan, this must have 2 x 7" Collectors Edition Me to You Bear Gift Set features the original brown bear alongside the grey Tatty Teddy we all know and love. Celebrating 18 years of Me to You.

    Me to You Bears, also known as the Tatty Teddy is the famous grey bear with the blue nose and patches. There's one for every occasion. Picture and information credit:

    November is celebrated as National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. Hence I felt it is appropriate to choose the Shakespeare Bear by British Teddy Bears. 

    The Worlds most famous playwright, William Shakespeare is wearing an authentic black tabard skilfully trimmed with antique gold satin and bottle green velvet Elizabethan Bonnet with a green feather trim. The Bards ruff has been hand folded from high quality grosgrain ribbon using the same technique developed over 400 years ago. Never without his feather quill Shakespeare carries his three favourite plays; Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet, each book is bound with unprinted pages so little authors can add their own words. This is the perfect way to introduce Shakespeare to budding writers; Shakespeare will happily sit on a graduate’s desk or cuddle up for a bedtime story.

    Details courtesy and available for purchase at:
    You can find my personal teddy bear collection here:

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    Since my Mom is too busy to blog about us bears these days, I thought I would do the honors myself.

    I am Timmy, my Mom's favorite bear. (Don't tell other bears in my hug that I am her favorite though - it is our little secret). I think my first blog post will help people understand why a bear is a must for everybody.

    Some people think all you ever need is one teddy. Some think all you ever need is no teddy. While one teddy is understandable, I never realize why "no teddy" seems a good option to some.

    A bear brings a smile to one's face. That in itself should be reason enough to adopt one of us. A bear also brings comfort when one is sad. Now that is not something your gadgets or other toys can do, is it? Ha! Score = Bear - 2, Others - 0.

    We are also soft, cuddly and infinitely cute to look at. :) We are nice, good and are great at keeping secrets. :D And, you don't need to feed us anything more than your love. :)

    Teddy bears make the world a better place. (Wow, I should copyright that phrase. On it as soon as I post this.) So gift yourself or a loved one a bundle of cuddliness, adorableness and love! :)

    Much Love,
    Timmy the Teddy Bear.

    The Bear for the month of September 2010 is "Birthday Cheeky" from Merrythought, available in a Limited Edition of 80. This little 6" fully jointed mohair Cheeky has been made especially for Merrythought's 80th birthday celebrations. 1930 to 2010 is embroidered on his footpad.

    As no teddy bear collection can be complete without the classic Cheeky bear, I chose this bear to be our September bear.

    The bear of the month of August, 2010 is "Willow" by Deans.

    An extra soft panda made from a longish brown and peach mohair combination. He has suedette pads and paws. He is a 15" jointed bear from the Deans 2010 Collection. This bear is a limited edition of 30.

    Image and info courtesy, and purchasable from: