Since my Mom is too busy to blog about us bears these days, I thought I would do the honors myself.

I am Timmy, my Mom's favorite bear. (Don't tell other bears in my hug that I am her favorite though - it is our little secret). I think my first blog post will help people understand why a bear is a must for everybody.

Some people think all you ever need is one teddy. Some think all you ever need is no teddy. While one teddy is understandable, I never realize why "no teddy" seems a good option to some.

A bear brings a smile to one's face. That in itself should be reason enough to adopt one of us. A bear also brings comfort when one is sad. Now that is not something your gadgets or other toys can do, is it? Ha! Score = Bear - 2, Others - 0.

We are also soft, cuddly and infinitely cute to look at. :) We are nice, good and are great at keeping secrets. :D And, you don't need to feed us anything more than your love. :)

Teddy bears make the world a better place. (Wow, I should copyright that phrase. On it as soon as I post this.) So gift yourself or a loved one a bundle of cuddliness, adorableness and love! :)

Much Love,
Timmy the Teddy Bear.