Since my Mom is too busy to blog about us bears these days, I thought I would do the honors myself.

I am Timmy, my Mom's favorite bear. (Don't tell other bears in my hug that I am her favorite though - it is our little secret). I think my first blog post will help people understand why a bear is a must for everybody.

Some people think all you ever need is one teddy. Some think all you ever need is no teddy. While one teddy is understandable, I never realize why "no teddy" seems a good option to some.

A bear brings a smile to one's face. That in itself should be reason enough to adopt one of us. A bear also brings comfort when one is sad. Now that is not something your gadgets or other toys can do, is it? Ha! Score = Bear - 2, Others - 0.

We are also soft, cuddly and infinitely cute to look at. :) We are nice, good and are great at keeping secrets. :D And, you don't need to feed us anything more than your love. :)

Teddy bears make the world a better place. (Wow, I should copyright that phrase. On it as soon as I post this.) So gift yourself or a loved one a bundle of cuddliness, adorableness and love! :)

Much Love,
Timmy the Teddy Bear.


Jessica said...

Teddy Bears are loved and admired by kid's of all ages. Teddy bears have been around for more than hundred years. In these years, teddy bears have explored the entire world and gained popularity among people of almost every age group.

Fluffy and Heather said...

I have always been a lover of teddy bears. Whenever my family asks me what I want for Christmas, a Christmas bear is inevitably my response. My boyfriend thinks I am a little bit nuts!

teddybear said...

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