The bear of the month of April 2009 is a beautiful and sweet one - the Steiff Spring Teddy Bear, from the Lladro Four Seasons Collection. On soft, silent paws crafted from felt this lovely Spring Teddy bear can follow the footsteps of the first bear in the collection: The Autumn Lladro Teddy Bear. 

Spring Teddy bear is an enchanting herald with fabulously fine, vanilla mohair. Standing 11 inches tall, she is a friendly bear with warm curious eyes and a hand stitched nose. Crowning her head is a beautifully crafted tiara made of intricately handmade and handpainted Lladro porcelain blossoms: this flowered headress is a genuine work of art that perfectly compliments her delicate vanilla fur. She is a part of Steiff's 2009 World Wide Limited Edition Collection.



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