Are you addicted to bears? Do you have so many bears in your collection that you don't know what to do with them? Here are some tips to organize your bear collection.

1. Create a bear catalogue.
This will come really handy not just to identify your bears even after the tags wear out, but also in valuing them later on. You can create a simple catalogue in a notepad or in your computer as an excel sheet. The name of the bear, manufacturer/artist, purchase date, purchase place, bill number, price and any other comment can be included in your catalogue. Don't worry if you don't have the details of any of your bears so far, you can always just write down the names of the bears you own, and fill in the details for the bears you buy from now on. It would be a good idea to save the bill too, by affixing it to your bear's page in the catalogue.

2. Decide on an organizing theme.
You can organize your bears in so many different ways. It would be a good idea to decide how you are going to classify your bears. You can do it by color, by manufacturer, by age (antique, vintage, modern), by artist, by size etc. Once you have decided on a theme of your choice, you can go about classifying each bear to its group. If you have a bear catalogue in place, you can include the classification also in it.

3. Decide which bears to store away.
Often, our collections get too huge and our space too small. In such cases, we may have to store some of our precious friends away in an attic or basement temporarily. Remember to store them in moisture free places, after wrapping each one in a white cloth, and away from direct sunlight and pests. If you have decided on a theme, you can decide to display one particular group only for now, and store all the rest away.

4. Display your bears.
You would be left with some choice bears which you are going to display. You can arrange these bears around your house, or collect them all in one show case. Remember to clean each chosen bear before display. Make sure you display them out of reach of pets and pests. Remember that every once in a while, the bears would love it if you would take them down from display positions and play with them!

5. Rotate your display.
The fun part about your displaying your collection is in rotating. You can rotate your bear display every month, every season (summer, autumn etc), every year or just whenever you feel like it. Rotating your display helps to liven up your living space and give it a touch of freshness. Also, it will make sure that no bear gets stored away for too long, because they do love attention and company! If you have classified your bears into groups, you can rotate each group in a period of time. For example, you may have divided your bears according to color. Perhaps you can display all your white bears in January, red bears in February, yellow ones in March and so on! Have fun with your display, enjoy your collection.

Hope these tips are helpful in organizing your collection and enjoying it more!



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