June is Candy Month! Here are some ways to celebrate it with your bears!

1. Give candy to your bears! Make sure you don't give them too many though, since they may develop a tooth ache!

2. Name a bear "Candy"! Perhaps one that reminds you of a candy?

3. Save up candy money and buy a bear!

4. Take the bears out on picnic and bring lots of candy! June 21st, the first day of summer, may just be the perfect day for that! This year, it falls on a sunday too!

5. Have a candy themed party for the bears!

6. Gift a bear and a candy to a child and spread the joy!

7. Post a blog about your beary special candy month!

8. Take pictures of your bears with lots of candy!

9. Get together with fellow bear collectors and arrange a candy themed teddy bear picnic!

10. Write in your own creative candy month bear experiences as comments!



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